Macadamia Farm

Summerland House Farm has more than 6000 macadamia trees.

The farm produces over 95 tonnes of macadamias a year and over 105 tonnes of avocados.

Macadamia Farm

Summerland House Farm macadamia nuts are harvested from April through to September and are dehusked on the property.


Macadamias are a native to the area.
Alstonville is located on a plateau with high levels of rainfall. The red-brown soil for which Alstonville is well renowned, is derived from a basaltic flow from nearby Mount Warning, the centre of what was once the Tweed Volcano.
Summerland House Farm’s orchards grow over 7000 macadamia trees which produce around 100 tonnes of macadamias each year.
It takes 5-7 years before nuts harvested.
The black rat, whose Latin name is rattus rattus, is the most destructive of all the pests for macadamia trees. They can gnaw a hole in the hard shell of a macadamia in seconds. The rats lie on their back and chew a small hole through the macadamia husk and remove the nut inside.  Removing feeding, habitat and nesting options for the rats is the main control strategy.

Distribution Hub

Summerland House Farm is now the distribution hub of the region. We pack and grade custard apples, peaches, nectarines, persimmons, limes and avocados for more than 200 regional farmers.
This produce once graded, is sent to major city markets and will often end up on the shelves of your local Coles, Woolworths or IGA supermarkets.
We even pack Fingerlimes for the European market.


The dehusking machine used at Summerland House Farm is one of only a few of its kind in Australia and takes over 1000 photos of each nut in microseconds, and then matches these photos to a database. This comparison will then determine whether the nut is assessed as a good nut, or is rejected. The nuts are then sorted and stored before being sent off to processing plants around the area.
Harvesting of the macadamia nut begins in February/March, depending on the variety. Harvesting occurs every 2 – 6 weeks until September.

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