Watts Cottage Museum

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Summerland House Farm is open 7 days from 9am - 4pm

Watts Cottage Museum

Watts Cottage Museum was created to recognise the work of House With No Steps founder Lionel Watts and his battle to create equal opportunities for people with a disability. Together with wife Dorothy, his ultimate goal was to enable people with a disability to reach their potential and lead productive and satisfying lives.

In 1956, Lionel Watts contracted poliomyelitis, an illness that left him a quadriplegic. After a long recovery from the acute illness, Lionel tried to find a rehabilitation program, which would enable him to re-enter the workforce. None was available. He also found a sad lack of training and rehabilitation programmes for many other types of disabilities. At that time he, and his wife Dorothy, committed themselves to helping people with a disability to gain employment, independence and inclusion. So began ‘House With No Steps’.

The Watts Cottage Museum is a wonderful education centre and archive of the inspirational story behind ‘House With No Steps’, the history of social inclusion for people with a disability in Australia, and the personal story of Lionel and Dororthy Watts’  – their journey to make a difference.

Watts Cottage was the original Farm House on the Alstonville property – formerly a dairy farm of local family the Cawleys. This historic land mark has now been magnificently restored to its former glory, and well worth a visit.

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