This gourmet feast features an assortment of delicious and delightful outstanding quality foods, all of which are grown and produced in the fertile soils of the beautiful Northern Rivers region of NSW. The result is an enticing gourmet gift that promises to please the ultimate entertainer – including Fine Foods relishes, gourmet pesto and tapenade, our own moorish macas and local olives and wafers.

Sesame Falwasser Wafer Thin Crispbread 120g
Grumpy Grandmas Olives Semi-dried Moroccan 100g
Summerland House Farm Roasted and Salted Macadamia 100g
All the Best Fine Foods Sweet ‘n Fruity Chilli Relish 225g
All the Best Fine Foods Beetroot Chilli Relish 200g
Orchard Ridge Green Olive and Pistachio Tapenade 180g
Pinegrove Gourmet Roast Capsicum, Chilli and Cashew Pesto 250g