Visit us at the Grocer this month and taste our new range of Summerland Farm preserves!

Introducing our brand new range of Summerland Farm preserves. Our new range of jams, chutneys, butters and pickles takes up the challenge of sustainable farming by turning our farm fresh produce into delicious and quality gourmet preserves for you to enjoy all year.  We support local farmers by incorporating their seasonal fresh fruit and vegetables into our range, and in turn, your purchase from our  supports House with No Steps to provide opportunities for people with a disability.

Our Lemon Butter is full of fresh real lemons and pastured eggs direct from Summerland Farm hens. It is delicious on toast, swirled into a cheesecake, mixed with whipped cream on a cupcake or spread onto pancakes. Available in a 150gm jar!

Our Fruit Chutney has been hand made in the café for our burgers for years and is now available for you to purchase. Full of apples and fruits with our own mix of seasonings, it is a perfect accompaniment to any meat dish. Available in 150gm and 260gm jars!

Our Sweet Mustard Pickles is made with loads of veggies mixed with the health benefits of turmeric and vinegar. With no artificial colours or flavours, it turns a ham and cheese sandwich into something special! It can simply be added to cold pasta to make a salad or add chicken to make a meal. Available in a 150gm jar.

Our seasonal Nectarine and Plum Jam is the newest to our range and takes advantage of local stone fruit. Our jam is packed full with fruit and you can taste the difference. Enjoy it on  toast, scones, a sponge sandwich or on jam drop cookies for something special. Limited stock during stone fruit season so secure yours now! Available in 150gm and 260gm jars!

Our seasonal Apple and Rhubarb Jam is just like Grandma’s with the delicious combination or tart rhubarb and the sweetness of crisp apple. Fill pastry cases for a quick pie, serve with custard or enjoy on toast just as it is. A quick crowd favourite, available, in 150gm and 260gm jars!

Our Orange Marmalade is made seasonally when oranges are plump, sweet and juicy. With a hint of cardamom, this is a grown up jam, that goes perfectly with cured meats, as a glaze for your Christmas Ham or simple spread on toast to enjoy with coffee. Available in a 150gm jar.